Canning Supplies – 3 Things You Must Know Before Preserving Or Consuming Home Canned Goods

Canning Supplies – 3 Things You Must Know Before Preserving Or Consuming Home Canned Goods

Home canning is a wonderful way to preserve foods from your garden and the local farmer’s market. Many think that canning is very complicated to learn, but it’s really a simple procedure once you understand the basics. One very important aspect of preserving foods using this method is having enough canning supplies on hand. You need to have at least two gas canners, two ladles, and a wide-mouth thermos. Also, have your family’s name spelled out on a piece of paper for the recipe. Currently, some win electric canners have timers, while some older models will have a more traditional electric model. This will ensure that your canning activities are done at the perfect time.

Your next task in canning is reading canning instructions. The directions will usually be quite long, so will be well worth the time to read them. Certain foods are better suited for certain canning methods. Of course, there are always exceptions. Grains and products with high acidity are good for freezing. Vegetables and fruits that will not be frozen should be refrigerated after preserving them. Lastly, you should not freeze eggs, but if you must, make sure they are far enough away from the freezer that they will not be frozen.

After you have understood the basic rules of canning, you will find that it is actually very simple to practice the art. Next, you will want to select the best possible ingredients you can find. This is depending on the recipe you are preparing. For instance, many lamb recipes use chunks of lamb rather than a whole one. Also, you will want to select the best sturdy canner. As far as canners go, the water bath method is considered best.  However, both of these methods have their disadvantages and advantages.  One of the biggest advantages of the water bath method is that you can assure yourself that the foods are prepared properly. Just make sure that if you are using the water bath method, you have a large enough water pan large enough to cook the foods without the risk of them being bubbled.

On the other hand, the steam method is considered the best overall for preserving food since it is the most durable.  Steam has less effect on the food during the processing portion. Foods are at their freshest during this period.  Nonetheless, during the last part of the processing when the foods are being cooked, steaming can lose some of its appeals. The steam method, however, maintains the foods right where they are right most of the time.

You will then want to decide which style of canner is right for you. The technique that uses a pressure canner is the best choice for consistent foods as well as fresher foods since this is the most durable method. Naturally, the altitude will play a factor in whether one of the two methods is used or both. For instance, you will want to use the water bath method on higher altitudes and the pressure method on lower altitudes. On the other hand, you can use either technique for chilling foods within a household.  Nor do they have to be used for all foods. In fact, there is no need to have both a water bath and a pressure canner. If you are going to do water bath canning, you need to have a water bath canner. And to use the steam canner, you need to have a steam canner.

Using either method, you will need to have the proper canner equipment.  In order to have a successful canning experience, you need to have a good water bath canner, a pressure canner, a ladle, and a wide mouth thermos.  All of these can be bought or can be inherited.  The wide mouth thermos can also be changed to a funnel canner.  This will allow you to use your steamer.

Patti is the word used to describe the lid of the canner. it is short and refers to the mouth of the canner. Patti is usually shown in a half-moon shape with half onion and half pineapple. The pineapple will have a relation to the moon.  Sati means half and half in Hawaiian and Italian. Hawaiian and Italian have the meaning of half and moon. So to eat it you need to remove half of the canner and fill the can with the food inside.

Hawaii and Italian Salad made with salmon, Basic mustard injera, walnuts, roasted sunflower seeds, goat’s cheese, and pimento potatoes.

Very tasty and easy to make.  Have it with pasta or have it with rice.  It is very filling.

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